Pole Dancer Holiday Gift Guide

Pole Dancer Holiday Gift Guide

Pole Dancer Holiday Gift Guide

Author: Beth Flory, Co-Owner of Pole Kisses Bungee and Aerial Fitness, December 12, 2023

Do you have a pole dancing enthusiast in your life, and don’t know what to gift them for the holidays?  You have come to the right spot, because we know exactly what your loved one will appreciate under the Christmas tree or in their stocking. Follow our “Pole Dancer Holiday Gift Guide” for trusted suggestions from our community of pole enthusiasts at Pole Kisses in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada!

Grip Aid

Pole dancers use grip aid to stick to the pole. There are several different kinds, some stickier than others, however these are favorites at Pole Kisses:

Dry Hands is our number one “go to” product. I have used this product since I started pole dancing in 2014. We try to keep some at the studio, but we run out quickly. It is a thin liquid chalk like lotion that can be applied to the hands, as well as other areas of the body. Dry Hands is also the perfect size for a stocking!  

Many of our dancers also like iTac 2 Extra Strength and spray on Firm Grip.  Firm Grip is helpful for your intermediate and advance pole dancers who do difficult tricks, especially those who join competitions.

If your pole dancer prefers to not apply grip aid, such as those with sensitive skin, then there are also some interesting other options available. Mighty Grip offers an excellent line of wearable products specifically designed for gripping to the pole by employing tacky fabric. Examples include these grip-tastic ankle protectors and pole dancing gloves.

Knee Pads

If your pole dancer loves floor work, then they will love some knee pads.  These Black Fire Grip Knee Pads are not only functional, but they are also super cute!  Similar to the Mighty Grip line, they have tacky fabric so your pole dancer can move easily from the floor to the pole, while protecting their sensitive knees.

Sexy Dance Heels

We LOVE pole dancing heels!  I have too many pairs to count.  If you walk into our lobby, you will see an amazing pair of HOT fire engine red 10-inch heels that I purchased a few years ago.  Actually, I am wearing them in the photo above. These are for looks, as we don’t recommend exceeding 4 inches for regular classes unless you are an expert on heels. But yowzah, they are fire! You would probably laugh if you saw me actually try and walk in those heels. *Baby Steps (If you want to learn, come to a pole dance class with Erika at our studio. She is amazing!)

Our favorite brands? Pleaser Shoes and Ellie Shoes. The choices are endless, so an Amazon Gift Card might be the best way to support your dancers shoe habit!

Pole Friendly Clothing

Pole dancers need bare skin to stick to the pole, so we love sassy sports bras and booty shorts. Here is a list of some of our favorite brands:

Pole Junkie · The Hottest Pole Wear · Worldwide Shipping

Best Pole Dance Clothing ► Hot Yoga Wear – Dragonfly (dragonflybrand.com)

Yoga Clothing, Activewear & More. Made for Movement. – Mika Body Wear

Wink Fitness Wear

At Home X-Pole

We cannot stress this enough…do not buy a cheap pole!  Just go search #polefails on your social media and watch the videos. There are entire Instagram pages dedicated to this topic. Though they are funny, your pole dancer could get seriously injured.  We only recommend you purchase a pole through X-Pole. These are the poles in our gym, and we are not getting a commission from the following X-POLE link. We trust this product!

Pole and Aerial Fitness Equipment Supplier | X-POLE US (xpoleus.com)

Gift Certificates for Classes

This list would not be complete if we didn’t add that you should buy gift certificates for classes at your loved one’s favorite studio. A month or two prepaid is really amazing.  It is also super fun to take a class at a different gym while on vacation!  We love when tourists stop into Pole Kisses!  If you are in the Las Vegas area, and would like to try a pole dance, bungee fitness, aerial, ballet, belly dance, or flexibility class, check out our schedule by CLICKING HERE. We also offer bachelorette and private parties!  Please EMAIL us if you have any questions. 

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

If you have any suggestions for amazing pole dance related products, please contact us at polekisseslv@gmail.com so we can share them with our pole dance community! Rosy and I hope that you have an amazing holiday season and enjoy time with friends and loved ones.


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