A Case for Aerial Showcases

Pole Kisses Instructors and Students Pose for a Photo Together

Pole Kisses students and instructors pose for a photo after the Showcase.

Author: Beth Flory, Co-owner of Pole Kisses LLC

Last night marked our first annual Holiday Showcase, representing our second event since the inception of Pole Kisses.  I would like to express my gratitude to our dedicated staff, instructors, and students who played pivotal roles in organizing and participating in this memorable event. The showcase featured a stunning array of talent, including pole dancing, aerial silks, aerial hoop, Bollywood, and belly dancing. Attendees were treated to a diverse lineup, encompassing solo performances, group numbers, sultry routines, and even some comedic acts. I couldn’t sleep last night, still reeling from excitement. It in inspired me to make a case for aerial showcases and share why I think they are so beneficial for students and aerial fitness gyms.

Rosy and I have participated in several showcases at our previous gym, predating our role as studio owners. These experiences have etched lasting memories and exerted a positive influence on various aspects of my life.

Builds Confidence:

At Pole Kisses we consistently emphasize how pole dancing and aerial fitness contribute to building confidence by enabling you to “take control” of your body. Through regular classes in the gym, your confidence grows as you receive support and encouragement from both your teacher and fellow classmates. However, taking those acquired skills to the stage in front of friends, family, and even strangers represent a whole new level of self-assurance. The indescribable feeling that accompanies stepping up to the pole and receiving cheers from the audience when you flawlessly execute a pose you’ve been diligently practicing for months is unparalleled.

In my role as the Executive Director of S.A.F.E. House where I frequently address the impacts of domestic violence in public an on the News, the confidence I exude during public speaking is directly attributed to my experiences in student showcases. If you can confidently execute daring pole moves in front of an audience, while wearing booty shorts, you develop a sense of capability that transcends into the belief that you can conquer any challenge, including public speaking on important issues.

Amy, a student at pole kisses, positioned in a star hold on aerial silks.

Student Amy performs an aerial silks routine at the Pole Kisses Holiday Showcase.

Fosters Community:

Rosy and I frequently showcased duo performances at our previous gym. The additional rehearsals not only enhanced our performance but also deepened our bonds as friends. In anticipation of the event, we would arrive several hours early to apply makeup, creating an opportunity for camaraderie. I even learned some new makeup tips! After the show, we would continue the festivities with drinks with other members. The time spent together before, after, and during showcases was truly enjoyable, fostering a sense of community with both instructors and fellow students.

Rosy and Beth, co-owners for Pole Kisses, pose in front of a Christmas tree holding gifts.

Rosy and Beth, co-owners of Pole Kisses wish you a Happy Holiday!

Connects Students and Instructors:

My initial foray into showcases involved a group performance with seven other girls during a Valentine’s themed event. The invitation to join this group came from one of my pole instructors, a moment that initially intimidated me due to my lack of confidence and fear of standing out awkwardly. I felt like I was going to puke for several days leading up to that showcase.

Despite my reservations, my instructor provided unwavering encouragement and crafted a routine that catered to the diverse skill levels within our group. Notably, she arranged for more proficient individuals to take the forefront, ensuring those with less experience felt more comfortable. This experience exemplifies how showcases foster connections between students and instructors by nurturing a supportive environment that accommodates varying skill levels.  Eventually, the feeling of losing my lunch shortened to only an hour or two before the showcase.

Three individuals dance in a pole dance routine wearing red outfits for a holiday Showcase at Pole Kisses.

Instructor Nak, and two students perform their trio pole dance routine at the Pole Kisses Holiday Showcase.

Helps Students Attain Fitness Goals:

The month leading up to a showcase has consistently been the period when I’ve felt the most physically challenged. In addition to our regular classes, we dedicated extra time to practice our showcase routines. Through repetitive runs of the choreography and poses, we honed our skills until we felt confident enough to showcase them before an audience. What were once decent tricks became more fluid, movements smoothed out, and began to exude a more professional quality. Even the most challenging poses started to feel more manageable. As a result, I found myself freestyling effortlessly, as my body had internalized the tricks, requiring less concentration. Without fail, my overall skill and fitness levels always experienced a significant boost after each showcase.

Pole Kisses Student Performs Pole Dance Routine in Showcase

Student Lex shows amazing strength and skill at the Pole Kisses Holiday Showcase.

Opportunity to Share with Family and Friends:

My pole fitness journey began in 2014, and I’ve encountered various reactions when explaining my choice of exercise. While pole dancing is often associated with sensuality, it’s crucial to recognize its equally athletic nature. Students and instructors encompass a broad spectrum of styles, ranging from sultry to sporty. Notably, our showcases feature diverse performances that illustrate the breadth of expression possible within pole and aerial fitness.

For instance, at a Valentines Showcase, a student delivered a poignant performance about a painful breakup. Contrastingly, during a Halloween Showcase, Rosy and I performed a playful routine to “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard, complete with pixie costumes, feigned intoxication, silly poses, and throwing confetti in the audience’s faces.

These showcases serve as an invaluable opportunity for friends and family to gain insight into why their loved ones are so passionate about aerial fitness. They witness the versatility of this form of exercise, appreciating both its physical demands and creative potential. After the recent showcase, our student Dustin shared a heartwarming comment from a family member: “Everyone is so happy here!” Such sentiments highlight the positive and uplifting atmosphere fostered by these events, and I am profoundly grateful for such beautiful expressions of shared joy.

Two individuals perform a belly dance routine at Pole Kisses Holiday Showcase.

Instructor Rain and their mom Liz perform a belly dance routine at the Pole Kisses Holiday Showcase.

Do you think I made a case for aerial showcases? If you are a student reading this blog, I highly encourage you to join the next showcase and let me know about your experience. If you are a gym owner, I highly encourage you to offer these experiences for your students. They do not have to be big productions, with advance lighting and a crazy sound system.  Feel free to EMAIL us if you have any questions or want to share your story. Showcases are such a beautiful opportunity to build confidence, foster connection, help students meet their fitness goals, and share what you offer to the community.  

If you are in the Las Vegas area and would like to try a pole dance, bungee fitness, aerial, flexibility, ballet, or belly dance class, CLICK HERE to check out our schedule.  We also offer bachelorette and private parties for pole dancing and bungee fitness. EMAIL us if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

We would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday and thank you for making 2023 extra special. We look forward to 2024!